I recently painted our home office, which covered a new $25 paintbrush in my selected color.  When the job was finally complete, I made the executive decision to clean out the $25 brush rather than toss it out.

This was mainly because Wes was giving me a hard time for even considering the option of tossing it.  Clearly, he’s a lot more thrifty than I.

I really have no idea how things like this happen; how one task of spraying out a simple paintbrush can quickly turn into giggles and games.  I guess it is one of the joys of having an active, curious almost 3-year-old. 

Anyway, in the process of cleaning out my paint brush, my child managed to get soaking wet and then covered in sand.  He basically “corndogged” himself.

If you grew up in a Stich related household, the term ‘corndog’ is a familiar term…and we’re not talking about any food products here.

Stich is my maiden name.  My father is one of twelve children.  He grew up in a huge family, and many terms and sayings they created have been passed down thru the generations.  Corndog just happens to be one of those terms.

Corndog Defined:  There are actually 2 definitions of corndog that come to my mind –

1.  submerging oneself in water, more specifically the Gulf of Mexico, and then running onto shore to roll in the beach sand. 

2. While playing beach volleyball, you are suddenly tackled by the opposing team.  The sole purpose of this attack is to cover the targeted person from head to toe in beach sand, “corndogging” them.  The attack typically takes place just after a team huddle, so the attackers can pick their target.

Apparently, this Stich Family term is embedded deep in our blood. 

While the second definition above is typically, the norm; apparently my child prefers to corndog himself.

He makes me laugh.  His giggle is infectious, and I love him more every day!


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