Let the Countdown Begin

We started with a flock of 13 chickens.

Today, we have a grand total of 12.

Apparently, last night an owl got hungry and raided our pin.

How do we know it was an owl, you ask?

Because I googled it.

I google everything!

Apparnetly, chicken predators have particular ways in which they make their kill. What we found this morning was every bit of a textbook owl attack.  And with all of the owl hooting we hear everynight, I don’t doubt it for a second.

RIP little white hen #6.

I won’t get into details on what we found, but if your curious you can google it as I did.

A little note for our chicken killer –

Dear Owl that feasted on our chicken,

Next time you get hungry, could you please aim for the big black rooster in the pin? He’s kind of a jerk and deserves to be eatten.

Thank you!



2 responses

  1. Well said Em. I wish the predators would read their email. You could give them a list of the most favorite to least and they could just work their way down the list. All roosters are on the list except for my little craigslist freebie. He is a sweetheart but he looks like yummy fox food. And he can’t run worth a darn.

  2. I had Owen and Lily over last night and Owen informed me he was scaring my hens and rooster to teach them to run faster from predators, sounds like you could use and energetic kid to give that rooster running lessons Aunt P 🙂 Maybe you could start grooming Will for the position, chicken trainer extraordinaire!

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