A few nights ago, we went through our typical bedtime routine with Will.


Wrap like a burrito to dry off.

Lather with Lotion.

Put on PJ’s.

Brush hair.

Brush teeth.

Pick out 2 books; 3 if he’s really lucky.

Snuggle up in his bed.

Read the books.

Turn off the light.

Say our prayers.

Give a Kiss and  Hug goodnight…

One more kiss and one more hug.


Usually, after the “Night-Night” Will hollers out to Wes and I that he has to go potty.  So he gets up and makes an attempt.  Then he usually needs a sip of water, one more kiss and one more hug, a back-rub – “like Papa do’s” and requires tucking in ONE MORE TIME.

We’ve nicknamed him Captain Loophole, and he is truly an expert a the trade.

One time he even called me back in because he said he had a “fingernail.” 

Translation – He had a hangnail and apparently couldn’t sleep with it bothering him.

Any way, a few nights ago as we went thru the routine, we got to the part about saying our prayers.

We got all the way to the end…

“…Please god for no more wars, keep us healthy and strong. Amen.”

Well, Will was very enthusiastic about the “Amen” part this particular night and he shouted out with more enthusiasm than the time he found his hidden easter candy in the cabinet.

He gave us a big giant, “Awe-Man!” at the end of the prayer.

I never realized before, because he usually quietly utters the “Amen” part in a sleepy, extremely tired state.  But when he enthusiastically shouted out “Awe-Man” and pronounced every single syllable loudly and clearly, I realized that he has been ending every prayer session, not with Amen, but with “Awe-Man.”

So…we got that going for us, which is nice. 

I was too busy giggling to try to explain the correction.  I’ll save it for another night.