Changes…they are a comin’

I issued a teaser the other day regarding some news.  News that I was hoping would be happy news.

Today, I will fill you in on that news.


Extra, Extra, Read All About It…

For 5 years now, I have worked at the same job.  For those of you that don’t know where I work, or what I do I will give you a little history…without completely giving things away. 

I think there are some things that shouldn’t be written about on the internet, and going into detail about work stuff is one of them.

I started as an Executive Assistant to the CEO and the CFO of a company, that for no reason in particular will remain unnamed.  My duties grew and grew.  Eventually, I was promoted to the Manager of Meetings and Events at the holding company level.  Basically, for the company that owned the company that originally hired me. You follow?

With my promotion, I was in charge of managing and planning the meetings and events for 3 large companies; all of which had at least 1 BIG annual meeting as well as lots of other smaller meetings and training sessions around the nation.  I also kept my original duties of Executive Assistant, continuing to work for the people who awarded me the promotion and whom I completely respected and admired.  I LOVED my job…I still love it. 

Not long after things were in full swing with my promotion, an amazing, extremely fitting to my personality and strengths, opportunity presented itself to me.  I knew I had to jump on it. 

With that, I announce that at the end of July, I will be leaving my comfort zone and amazing job for an amazing NEW position. 

My new opportunity is many things.  I could probably insert 1,000 different words to describe the millions of emotions running thru my head, but I will spare you.  I will say, that my new opportunity is very exciting, yet extremely scary all at the same time.  I think anyone starting anything new has a little apprehension, and a little nervousness about it.  I think this is mostly attributed to the fear of the unknown.

My new career is a FABULOUS opportunity, and one I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of.  It is an awesome opportunity to put my family in a better financial position, while offering more flexibility.  It is the best of both worlds, and I am really eager to get off the ground and get going.

It has been a LONG time since I’ve been so fired up about something.  And being fired up is an amazing feeling!

So…what am I going to be doing?  I’m sure you are slightly curious.

I am going to be an insurance agent. 

How boring does that sound when I just throw it out there like that?

  I am SO EXCITED to get out and talk to such a wide range of people.  I just love meeting new people!  And I love the fact that I won’t be stuck behind a desk for 9 hours a day!  What’s better, is that the people I will meet with are already somewhat expecting me.  None of that pounding the pavement, cold calling crap that sucks so bad.  These are all warm leads, baby!

In order for me to legally sell insurance products to my new clients, I have to go thru all of the proper licensing requirements.  This means I have to get a 215 Life, Health and Variable Annuity license, as well as a Series 6 license.

Studying for these tests has pretty much taken over my life the past week, and it will probably take up the next 2 months of my life.  So if you don’t see me, just check my home office where I’ll be studying and prepping for my exams…oh, and if you come to visit, bring me a treat.  Preferably, something with caffeine or sugar to keep me going!

To date, I have completed the 40 hour required course for the 215 license (painful), and I found out that I passed the exam for the course.  Which is such a relief, because I had 5 days to memorize a 30 chapter textbook on a subject that I knew nothing about.

I am now eligible to sit for the state examination for the 215 license, which I am doing either at the end of the week, or beginning of next week.  The date of the State exam depends on how long it takes for my background check to go thru. 

Once the state 215 exam is passed, which I plan on passing the first try, I am onto the Series 6.  I’ve heard the Series 6 is a bear, but I’m ready to tackle it.

That is pretty much the end of my announcements!

Wish me luck in my future endeavour, and with passing all of these exams!  I will be sure to keep you informed on how it goes…good or bad. 

In the meantime, I’ll be taking in all of this change while enjoying a big ole’ glass of vino!  I suggest you do the same.