Don’t Cry…Or Do Cry

I know there really isn’t anyone out there routinely reading this blog, or waiting for an updated post from me.  

 Of course, this is partly due to the fact that I haven’t shared this blog with anyone…not even the family pets.  However, I realize that if you are currently reading this post, then I must have finally gotten the balls to share.  Go me!

Sorry. Side-tracked.  Damn Adult A D D.

Anyway, by some teeny-tiny chance there is someone out there waiting patiently for me to post…Don’t cry!

Don't Cry...Frequent Posts are Coming!


Why would you cry, you ask?

Due to my stint of non-existence, of course.

I really wanted this new blog writting hobby to be a frequent part of my week, or even day. But I’ve been temporarily hi-jacked.

I will explain later as to why I’ve been hi-jacked… hopefully I will have some very exciting news to share, and it will be a happy announcement and not a- pass me the bottle, drown my sorrows, ‘are you f’ing kidding me,’ announcement.

No Mom, I’m not pregnant!
(I do realize my mother isn’t currently reading this blog – as no one is.  But as I mentioned above- about having the balls to share it, and the time passing that I actually did; I predict that she will actually read this one day.  So I figured I’d just throw this little fact out there for when  she does.  OH- and another reason I mention this, is because whenever I say that, “I have news,” she automatically asks me if I’m pregnant.  It’s just her thing.  I say, “I’m tired.” She say’s, “Are you pregnant!”  I say, “I don’t feel good.”  She says, “Are you pregnant.”  You get the picture.  Love you Mom, and I promise…NOT pregnant! )   🙂

Sorry, ADD kicked in, again. I’ll move on…

Since I somehow got on the topic of crying, and to try to provide you, all ZERO of you, with some sort of substance (other than the hilarious crying picture of my child)- I thought I’d leave you with a blog I discovered that I REALLY think you should check out.

You won’t be disappointed. But I will issue this warning: Go ahead and grab a box of Kleenex….if you are anything like me, you might just shed a tear.  It’s all about tears today.
Till next time! (hopefully with some exciting news – and no more tears)