Let the Countdown Begin

We started with a flock of 13 chickens.

Today, we have a grand total of 12.

Apparently, last night an owl got hungry and raided our pin.

How do we know it was an owl, you ask?

Because I googled it.

I google everything!

Apparnetly, chicken predators have particular ways in which they make their kill. What we found this morning was every bit of a textbook owl attack.  And with all of the owl hooting we hear everynight, I don’t doubt it for a second.

RIP little white hen #6.

I won’t get into details on what we found, but if your curious you can google it as I did.

A little note for our chicken killer –

Dear Owl that feasted on our chicken,

Next time you get hungry, could you please aim for the big black rooster in the pin? He’s kind of a jerk and deserves to be eatten.

Thank you!