Live Simply

Last week on vacation we took a trip over to Apalachicola, FL for window shopping and dinner.

Locals and old-timers don’t usually call Apalachicola, Apalachicola.  It is simply shortened to, Apalach…which is what I’ve grown up calling it.

Part of the outing turned out to be a nightmare, as it involved a lost wallet, and stolen money.  But, this is a happy post, so I won’t even get into that whole debacle.

Anyway, for those of you that don’t know of, or have never been to Apalach, let me paint you a picture – Think of the oldest, cutest little fishing town you’ve ever visited.  Vision exactly 2 blocks of little shops and random restaurants that fill the old buildings and lazily welcome in guests with the warmest, “hey ya’ll” you’ve ever heard.  Then envision 100 coats of paint in some areas, as they’ve attempted to cover the cracks that naturally come with the aging of the buildings.  Lastly, imagine hand written signs scotch-taped to the doors of some shops that read, “cash only,” as the technology and the desire for it is non-existent and cash is just the easy SIMPLE way to go.

Welcome my friends, you have just entered Apalach!

I LOVE Apalach.  It is like taking a step back into time, and you can just feel the history that surronds the small town.

A mere 20 minute ride from St. George Island,  Apalach guarantees a good time of shopping the little boutiques, feasting on the freshest of seafood, and some of the best people watching an inquisitive person could ask for.  If you happen to visit Apalach, be sure to have lunch at Tamaras for the fish tacos.  Enjoy a glass of wine and an appetizer at Verandas, and be sure to grab gelato at A’ La Mode!

While walking around Apalach, we entered a shop called Apalach Outfitters.  A cute little shop carrying slightly overpriced items; from clothing to fishing gear.  A hodge-podge of items, for sure!  Brands such as Patagonia, Rainbow, Costa Del Mar, Shimano (fishing gear) and Ella Moss lined the shelves and hanging racks.

It was in this store that we spent approximately 45 minutes trying on sunglasses, as everyone in my family needed to find the perfect pair.  When I got bored with the sunglass fashion show, I decided I’d glance around at all of the other items in the store.

As I looked over the racks, I came across this shirt by Patagonia: 

Actually on sale, here:

For whatever strange reason, this shirt struck a chord with me. 

I liked it. 

Actually, I LOVED it!  So simple, yet spoke volumes to me for some reason.  It really made me think.

Which lead to an idea for the blog.

A challenge of sorts.

You see, this shirt made me want to simplify my life.  It made me want to, LIVE SIMPLY.

This is a powerful f’ing tee-shirt.  It might very well have some sort of super-natural powers!  Never before have I ever looked at a shirt that I liked at first glance and thought anything but, “buy it!”

Because of this shirt, and the strong emotion I had when I thought deeper into the meaning of it, I am offering up a challenge – to myself, and to you. 

A challenge to Live Simply…or at least, more simpler.

Every month I am going to pick something; a task, a project, or a goal to achieve.  I will pick something that helps me and my family live a SIMPLER life.  Whether it be something that is positive on the environment, a smart financially simple change, or just an overall stress reduction, I will tackle one thing a month and add it to my family’s daily routine.

I challenge you to do the same.  Come up with your own, LIVE SIMPLY task and go with it.  One small change a month can’t kill you.  Just think, one small change a month for one year adds 12 simple tasks that can help make a difference for you and for the future.  Not too shabby, huh!

I will extend an apology to anyone who thought this post might have something to do with Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie and  their show, The Simple Life.  Definitely has NOTHING to do with them, however, I’ve probably seen every episode and if you’d like to discuss the ridiculousness of the show, I’m always game! 

Let me get back to it…

I have a few ideas of things that I can do in my life and with my whole family to Live Simply.

Just before the start of each month, I will announce what the item or concentration for that month will be.

For the month of August, it will be…

Create a RECYCLE CENTER in our home, and use it!

We don’t concentrate that much on recycling (honestly – not at all), but I know it is something very important for the environment and for the future.

So my Living Simpler project for the month of August is to recycle. 

I purchased stackable containers that have lids and flap tops at Costco not too long ago.

My soon-to-be Recycle Center

I am going to label them accordingly: Glass, Plastic, Paper; then I am going to find a good home for them in my pantry by the trash station.  I am praying they slide side-by-side just under the bottom shelf of the pantry, but some measuring is needed to be sure this is possible.  Once they are in place we are really going to make a conscious effort to use them.

We don’t have garbage or recycle service out in the booney’s where we live, but I’ve confirmed that the community “dump” that Wes hauls our trash to does in fact, have a recycle facility.   If I make it super easy and have it pre-separated, then this recycle thing should be pretty painless.  We Wes can just carry each bin out, toss it in his truck and dump them accordingly when he takes the trash.  Upon his return from dumping the trash and taking the recycle, we can hose out the bins and return them to their resting place in the pantry.

Simple. Easy. Earth-saving.

Just for giggles, I will share with you a few other ideas I have for my monthly LIVE SIMPLY tasks:

  • Start a Compost
  • Make a clothes line – so I can hang laundry to reduce the energy we use on drying clothes.
  • Start a herb garden – Basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, chives, mint, etc.  I’m DREAMING of this one and I can’t wait!
  • Make All-Natural Cleaning Products to use around the house.
  • Start Dave Ramsey Financial University

My list needs a little work, and I’ll definitely be adding to it.  But it is a start.

Look for pictures soon of my finished home recycle center!

What is on your, Live Simply list?  What will you do this month to, LIVE SIMPLY?  Be sure to let me know, as I would love to be inspired by your ideas.

Living Simply Simpler,