Welcome to Wine On The Nightstand

Hello everyone, 

I hope that this message finds you well! 

I wanted to share with you something that I started a couple of months ago.  Truth be told, I’ve been a little hesitant about sharing it because I wasn’t sure if it would be a hobby I would have the time to maintain.  Luckily, it has been a fun ongoing project and I’ve been making the time to keep up with it.  

I will preface this with saying, “I am by no means a professional writer.”  🙂  I am sure my grammar isn’t 100%, and there are probably typos throughout.  I pretty much write like I talk, and try not to look back.  I’m not taking this new hobby too seriously, and neither should you.  So, I will apologize in advance for any errors that are present…and I’m sure there are errors present!   

I am by no means The Pioneer woman (www.thepioneerwoman.com).  My photography skills are not professional, nor am I as entertaining a writer, as she.  But by becoming a frequent reader of her blog, she inspired me to start my own.  So that is just what I did.

 I love the fact that I now have a fun and easy way to share with our family and friends (near and far), stories, memories and pictures of what’s going on in our lives.

 I will do my best to update the blog as frequently as I can and I hope that you enjoy “catching up” with us, as much as I am enjoying creating the posts.

 Without further procrastination, here is the link to my blog:


 Drop by when you can, and feel free to leave comments!  This is basically becoming our memory book, and I would love to include your comments and thoughts with those memories. 

Have a wonderful day!


 *If you’d like to read my posts from the beginning, I would suggest starting from the oldest post and working your way to the current.  You can definitely read them in any way you please, but things will probably make a little more sense reading from the oldest post and making your way to today’s.