Facebook who?

I’ve dropped that $hit like a bad habit.

My new on-line time waster = Pinterest.

My name is Emillye and I am a Pinterest addict.

“Hi, Emillye.”

I’m not afraid to admit, nor am I ashamed.  At approximately 9PM every night, after Will’s nightly routine has concluded and he’s drifted off to sleep, I run for my iPad and leap for the couch and a snuggly blanket.  I excitedly log onto my Pinterest account and I browse, and I pin, and I browse, and I pin.  It’s a vicious cycle.

When my eyes can’t take anymore staring at the screen, and I hear Chelsea Handler and Chuy finish up their show, I give in and retire to my bedroom where each night I dream of house re-models, DIY projects, new recipes, and out-of-this world parties I will  want to throw.

If you aren’t a member of Pinterest and you need to use your all of your “free-time” for being productive, then don’t ever become a member of the site.  It will take over your life.

I will say that Pinterest has been both good and bad for my ma-wige.   (Since I first saw the movie Princess Bride it is impossible for me to say the word marriage with a straight face or correct pronunciation.) 

The Good – From about 9PM until 10 or 10:30 my husband no longer has to hear my 2 cents on what we watch on television.  I could care less.  He can watch every Swamp Logger, Worlds Deadliest, Hunting, Pawn Star episode that comes on.  Pinterest has me occupied planning our hypothetical DIY project for the upcoming weekend.  When he dozes off on the couch and I hear the snoring set in, I just grab the remote and turn it to channel 114 (E! Network) and half listen to whatever is on that particular night.  It’s all about compromise.

I will note: If you know my hubby, then you know that he a pretty sleepy guy.  Which means, I can usually snatch the remote away by 9:30, if not sooner.  

The Bad – I guess the only ‘bad’ part of my pinning addiction is that we don’t spend our down time discussing deep thoughts, business decisions, or life plans.  We never really did that in our nightly downtime anyway.  What we did talk about was, “I’m not watching this, let’s find something else.”

I guess another “bad” thing is the expense of Pinterest.  The site may be free, but the end result is definitely not.

I am happy to report that my pinning may make me unproductive at times, but it does lead to bouts of productivity for me.

Luckily, I’m not one of those people who pins, pins, pins but doesn’t do, do, do.  I follow thru on completing some of the projects or ideas I’ve pinned.  Of course, I haven’t gotten to all of them….probably not even a FRACTION of them; there’s only so many hours in the day, and I have a limited budget to work with.

I will dream of the day that I don’t have to report to a day job AND I have unlimited funds flowing into my account, waiting to be spent on Pinterest projects, products, parties  or ingredients.

I won’t lie and say that I don’t have 10 unfinished projects currently lying around.  I also won’t lie and say that I don’t have bags of supplies needed to finish said projects, still sitting in the bags I brought them home in… untouched.

I will tell you the truth and say that out of my 4,976 pins, I can count my completed projects on just one hand.

But, shoot…that’s not TOO bad, right?

I’m a busy girl.  With a heavy ‘pin load’ and big time dreams.

Here’s to all of the big dreamers out there.  Pin away my friends, pin away.

If you’re an avid pinner like myself, what project do you have in the works?

If you’re not a pinner, or haven’t even heard of Pinterest, well then, what the heck is wrong with you?

Pinner for Life,