Operation Fat A$$

A  little over three years ago I had the most wonderful thing happen in my life.

I had a son.

A beautiful, intelligent, active, talkative bundle of joy; I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

While preggers I think I gained some 50+ pounds!

Clearly, I have chosen to block out the exact numbers.

When my munchkin was born he was 7 lbs 12 oz.  So immediately I had a deduction of almost 8 lbs.

I breastfed for 11 months, which helped another chunk fall off even though I still ate like a 19-year-old male.

The last 15 lbs to get back to my pre-pregnant weight still hung on strong.  When I stopped BF’ing, almost immediately 5-or-so pounds crept back on.

So, here I am three plus years post delivery, and I am still lugging around an additional 20 pounds.


Let me just say that I do.not.know.how.to.diet or lose weight.


Until now I NEVER had to think about what I consumed – it simply didn’t matter.  I could eat anything and stay lean and trim.  My thoughts about food consciously, or subconsciously were non-existent.

I thought, “I’m hungry.”

I ate.  Whatever the hell I could get my hands on, it didn’t really matter as long as it filled me up.

I want to punch my old self in the face right now.  I remember being self-conscious back in the day about certain things regarding my body.  If only I knew then, what I know now.  

I have always been a pretty healthy eater.  I like to think I know right from wrong, and I grew up learning wholesome, healthy choices from processed, not-good-for-you ones.

This doesn’t mean that I always make the right choice, but I do like to believe I understand right from wrong.

Clearly, knowing doesn’t help…it’s the DOING that counts here.

I also understand that the biggest difference  between now and then is my activity level.  In my ‘thin days’  I was a lot more active in my day-to-day routine.  I waited tables and bar-tended thru high-school and college, which means I was CONSTANTLY on the move. If I had ever conducted an experiment and worn a pedometer on any given day on the job, I bet I walked at least 5 miles a shift.  Probably, more.

In high-school I  played sports, mostly year round.  In college, I went to the gym routinely and I had a very active social life.  I can assure you that I went ‘out’ 2-3 times every week.  Going ‘out’ for me meant going to the bar, having cocktails while dancing until the lights came on and they kicked us out.  I LOVE dancing, and it must seriously burn some major calories.  In a given night, I probably danced for 3 straight hours.

Fast forward to today – I sit at a desk for at least 9 hours a day.  I’m actively moving for a total of 1.5 hours in the morning trying to get out the door, and 2-3 hours in the evening chasing the munchkin, cooking dinner, and getting him ready for bed.  After he’s in bed, I’m on my bo0-honkus because I’m mentally and physically drained.

I think it must take a lot more effort to carry around 20 extra pounds.  I don’t ever remember being THIS tired after a double bar shift on game day, followed by an after party and an 8AM class the next morning.

Anyway, I’m not looking for sympathy votes, or trying to justify the extra load I’m carrying around.

In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to publish something that was about my weight and the addition to that number.  Weight is usually a subject off-limits.  There’s good reason for this; it’s nobody’s business but mine.

However, this being the third year in a row that my #1 New Years Resolution is “lose 20 lbs,” it was time to take drastic measures.

It was time to start what I like to call, Operation Fat A$$.

I’ve had lot’s of yummy, “last meals” the past week.  But today it is time to put my big girl panties on, put my goal out there for all to read and finally, do something about it.  For real this time.

I’m starting weight watchers.  Since my knowledge about loosing weight completely sucks, and because I’ve heard weight watchers is easy, accountable, and safe, I’m going to give it a try  DO IT.  Really do it!

Don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t the first time I’ve signed up for Weight Watchers.  As a matter of fact, it might be the 3rd or 4th time.

But, I can assure you that this is the first time I am going to actually last more than 2 weeks on the plan.

I’m also going to increase my excercise habit…ok, I’m going to create an excercise habit.  Cardio AND some light weights.

My plan is to share my results with you each week on my weigh in day.  You can cheer me on and keep me going, and I can know that if I slack, then I’ll have to tell you that I’ve actually gained instead of lost for the week.

It is time my friends.  For me to get ahold of this issue, and get back into the thousands of dollars of clothes I have packed away or hanging untouched in my closet.

Do you know that I have 17 pairs of jeans, most of which are designer ($200 a pair) hanging in my closet right now.  Did you know that I can only comfortably wear 3 pair of them.

I have countless tops that are in the same category.  And don’t even get me started on bras.

So, there you have it.  Operation Fat Ass is kicking off today.

I look forward to being lighter on my feet and healthier in my skin.

Wish me luck.

Glass of Red Wine = 4 points